Photo: Alex Pasarelu

Sociology professor and former sex worker Juniper Fitzgerald talks bias and her new children's book "How Mamas Love Their Babies."

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Emerge 2018

A new conference blending a progressive lineup of top, next-generation musicians with innovative speakers and forums.

The spies among us

Private research, investigation and security firms have long been stocked with former law enforcement officials, lawyers and congressional office investigators. More recently, former intelligence professionals have become sought-after hires.

After war, trade unions help veterans train for a future

Before she was a trainee in Illinois, Asher was an Army medic in the family clinic at Fort Irwin and in an ambulance platoon in Baghdad, where she spent two years before transitioning to civilian life in 2007. The change was challenging. Lacking the structure, support and camaraderie she felt in the military, Asher found herself struggling.

Hot in Here: How climate crusaders fought Trump policy with song

Morissa Zuckerman, an organizer for Sierra Club and Sunrise Movement, worked with SustainUS on the musical protest at the United Nations Climate Conference. ABP spoke with the activist, who shared her perspective on fighting climate change, being called an “accessory to genocide” and plans for 2018.