Photo: Teresa Crawford/AP Photo

When rival gangs get caught in a cycle of retribution, violence interrupters like Donya Smith mediate through thoughtful conversations and fried-rice summits

“They start counting [bullet holes] like, ‘One hole, two hole, three hole, four hole, five hole, six hole, seven hole, eight hole—you got nine holes?’”

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How to read like a spy

“‘Bandit’ is not a term you hear in the American vernacular every day, but it is commonly used to describe criminals in Russia.”

How the flu kills

“I think a lot of people were just exactly like we were before Kendra got sick,” Mann said. “We all thought, 'Oh, it's just the flu.'"

The Whale Whisperer

Dr. Fred Sharpe listens in as humpback whales converse in low-frequency moans and whups, and high-pitched social chatter, like trumpeting and ahoogas.