Photo: Mariana Greif

They fled repression for Europe, and ended up on a prison island. This fall, asylum-seekers started a hunger strike to demand better conditions and above all the chance to move on

People sleep in summer tents, there is rarely running water and there’s no trash or sewage system. Residents escaping conflict zones get sicker once they arrive, and the endless waiting creates conflicts, which sometimes escalate to fights that affect the entire camp.

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Students speak out on education, Betsy DeVos

Across the country, young people are seeking more agency in the future of their country, and education is no exception. As DeVos rolls out plans that stand to alter the learning landscape, students are sounding off on their fears, hopes and what they want to see happen.

Violence in Las Vegas: A good time turned tragic & how to help

Country star Jason Aldean was almost 30 minutes into his headlining set when a series of pops sounded above the music. For a moment, no one reacted. Zimmerman assumed that the lighting or sound systems had malfunctioned, but when the pops resumed, he had a horrifying realization: They were gunfire.

Called to duty in the Mexico quake

Rodrigo Heredia’s crew was just one of many civilian volunteer brigades and other first responders who showed up to rescue people trapped beneath the crumpled buildings.

Diving into diplomacy in Cuba

CubaMar brings together scientists, professors and students working on conservation projects or field research to exchange knowledge and plan work in a variety of areas, from coral reef protection to invasive species management.

Why they took a knee

"People in middle school and high school right now are going to be our future presidents, and they need to know what’s going on now so they don’t repeat it in the future."