Photo: Universal Music Group

Meet a whole bunch of sweet pups looking for their forever homes.

Think you love your dog? Rocker Mondo Cozmo, aka Josh Ostrander, took half his stage name from his dog, Cozmo, a perky rescue pup that he adopted five years ago.

So when it was time to put together the music video for Mondo Cozmo’s “Plastic Soul,” the singer enlisted the canine Cozmo and his three-legged cat, Santee. The video, released December 1, is a story of interspecies friendship that also stars nine adorable, adoptable dogs from Best Friends Animal Society rescues in New York, Los Angeles and Houston.

“I wanted to make a video that would do some good,” said Cozmo (the human) via press release. “If one of these dogs gets adopted because of this video, I would be so humbled.”

So, meet Lacey, Clementine, Art, Erin, Sweetie, Audrey, Emma and Lee.

Let’s #SaveThemAll.