Photo: Vagabon by Ebru Yildiz

Join Poppy, The Tenth and Madame Gandhi for a weekend-long celebration of sound, culture and ideas.

Musicians, activists, poets and artists. They’re all headed to Las Vegas April 6-8 for EMERGE Impact + Music, a weekend-long celebration of sound, culture and ideas presented by A Beautiful Perspective and Noisey by Vice.  

The inaugural event from A Beautiful Perspective, EMERGE is not your average music festival. It brings together rising musicians and next-generation change-makers for three days of blended showcases, concerts and installations that are all about escaping your echo chamber and broadening your perspective.

“There is nothing else like Emerge—which is what motivated us to build it,” said Rehan Choudhry, founder of A Beautiful Perspective and EMERGE. “We’re building a place where, no matter when or how you show up, you’re stumbling across something new or finding reasons to re-examine your own perspectives.”

The 2018 lineup includes showcases like The Fairytale Ball, an interactive performance produced by The Tenth Magazine that traces the growth of the underground House/Ballroom scene from its roots in the Harlem Renaissance to its emergence as a freedom movement. Legends of voguing, runway walking and waacking will explore how their art forms became a pop culture force, featured by musicians like Rihanna and Madonna.

Activist collective Indecline, the folks behind the nude statues of Donald Trump that popped up around the country in 2016, will present a gallery of protest art, while Speaking Truth to Power will be a rally-style show celebrating the American tradition of dissent.



At least 10 musical showcases will feature on-the-rise artists like Hurray for the Riff Raff, Poppy (above), Waxahatchee, CupcakKe and Cuco, while featured performers OK Go will present an interactive performance dubbed OK Go Playing the Live Soundtrack to Your Favorite Music Videos. Impact sessions will include notables like activist and musician Madame Gandhi and media personality Dylan Marron.

“EMERGE is for people who want to see today’s best emerging music and most innovative thinkers on the same stages—even in the same sessions,” said Choudhry. “We’re taking the connections between creativity, culture and ideas and representing them in one single event.”

Join A Beautiful Perspective for a weekend of ditching our silos and opening our minds to new stories and experiences.

Tickets for EMERGE Music + Impact go on sale February 1, 2018 at 10 a.m. PST. For more information, visit