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Hours before their first live show, Alex Winston and Max Hershenow talk newfound freedom, alchemical connection and why they wanted to debut at Emerge

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LAS VEGAS — Even here, competing with the Top 40 and the tourists and the ghost of Bugsy Siegel and the whirling, clinquant, clangingchirpingspiraling shock and awe of the slot machine floor, Post Precious stand out.

Alex Winston and Max Hershenow look antiseptic—no, saintly—in Sin City, in all white with Winston’s face bisected by ’90s Kurt Cobain-style shades, which play perfectly with the Flamingo’s signature blend of menace and camp.

Winston and Hershenow, the mister in MS MR, have just dropped off their equipment ahead of their first live performance as Post Precious as we head past the slot machines and table games—Winston had to the hit ATM a few times last night when she introduced Hershenow to the wonders of the roulette wheel—to the Flamingo conservatory, an Eden replete with towering palms, waterfalls and pink railings to match the casino’s namesake.

Are they nervous?

“I’m excited,” Winston says. “I haven’t played in a really long time.”

“I haven’t played in almost a year,” Hershenow says.

“I forgot how much I love doing it,” Winston says.

After label hell, Post Precious are embracing freedom, turtlenecks and the roulette wheel. Marc Graham

The duo has been writing and recording, releasing a smattering of songs—a sybaritic cover of Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times,” the smoldering “Timebomb” and their most recent single, “Lose Myself.” Today they will finally get, in their new guise, the raw visceral connection only garnered from a crowd.

Independent after freeing themselves from their respective label hells, Post Precious decided the time was right to begin playing live, building up to the release of their EP and answering the itch of the road. After they play their debut at Emerge Impact + Music, they’ll hit their home city of Los Angeles Monday night, and after that … well, that’s for them to decide.

“We’re doing everything a little bit off the cuff,” Hershenow says.

As Post Precious emerge into the Nevada sun, snaking around the pink railing to the artificial Arcadia of the conservatory’s waterfall, they fend of my attempt to tease out the identity of the artist they were writing for during the session when their alchemical connection inspired new music from old friendship. It’s the one detail missing from their creation story.

“No, we can’t tell you that!” Winston laughs. “Nice try.”

A low-flying duck knifes between the duo, barely missing Winston’s head, and I ask Post Precious—whose independence and rough label history is a dominant part of their media narrative—if their freedom comes with any downsides: Is their anything they miss about label life?

“Money,” says Winston, perhaps still smarting from the cruel turn of the roulette wheel. “That’s about it. They’re like the bank.”

“There is more support,” Hershenow says, “and also a way that you do things that can take some of the pressure off yourself, I guess. But that’s not the point … the point is to get to do those other things.”

They’ve had the strictures and structures, and now they have the freedom. For the time being, they prefer the later.

As they head back inside to prepare for their first soundcheck as Post Precious, Winston explains that they felt Emerge, with its focus on new and upcoming artists, seemed a fitting coming out for a new project.

Plus, her manager adds, Winston is always looking for an excuse to get to Vegas.

“I’m born for this town,” Winston says.

And they’re taking residency requests.

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