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Welcome to the new A Beautiful Perspective. Make yourself at home.

This month, A Beautiful Perspective relaunched as a digital magazine tackling a single theme each month. For our first month, we’re exploring the concept of home. Click here to read more stories from the HOME Issue.


In the house where I grew up, there was a low radiator in front of the picture window in the dining room. Topped with a wooden and tile cover and framed by a pair of built-in shelves, it wasn’t the softest place to put your bum, but when winter invaded and the radiator was blasting like an archetypal seater-heater, it was the best seat in the house. I couldn’t possibly guess how many sesame bagels and Mama Celeste frozen pizzas I ate wedged into that stiff little corner, but I was on a mostly beige diet back then, so yeah, it was a lot.

When my parents announced they were selling that house last year, I was moderately devastated. Fifteen years after I’d moved out, every corner was still bursting with memories, from the front step where I held topless art sales as a kid, to the living room’s monthly potluck sing-alongs to the second floor guest room where dad hung a helpful sign every time my college boyfriend came to visit: “The guest room, where guests sleep.”

As moving day crept closer, I called my mom. “I want to come home,” I said.

But cleared of the family photos and stacks of to-be-read-someday New Yorkers, the house was just a building in need of a fresh coat of paint and some non-brocade wallpaper. The only thing that remained unchanged was that radiator window seat. I ate one last bagel, then said goodbye.

The idea of home has been on our minds at A Beautiful Perspective a lot lately. We’ve watched families pouring across our southern border in search of a safe place to settle, learned about efforts to reintroduce the jaguar to its native range in Argentina and talked to the people trying to eradicate gun violence from Chicago’s roughest neighborhoods by treating it as an epidemic.

We’ve also been thinking about how we can best fill the gaps in the existing media landscape and better serve you, our audience. So when we decided to relaunch A Beautiful Perspective —an idea that blossomed with my husband and co-editor Tovin Lapan during a breakneck brainstorming session captured with a dry-erase marker on our living room window—we knew where we wanted to start.

The new ABP is a digital magazine focused on a single theme for each issue. Over the course of the month, we’ll explore that topic through in-depth reporting, multimedia storytelling, first-person perspectives and our weekly newsletter, The Lowdown (OMG subscribe right now!). Then we’ll bring the topic to a live audience in New York City with our new Activist Mornings concert and speaker series.

First up, it’s the HOME Issue. With the help of freelancers around the world (Mongolia! India! Mexico! Alaska!), we’ll spend September spelunking through the meaning of home. We’ll dig into pressing current issues, introduce you to fascinating characters, weave wild narratives and showcase powerful imagery. Every week we’ll publish a new batch of stories, pulling on the threads of home through tales of almost-deserted islands, slum hotels, asylum seekers and arctic villages.

We’re so excited to share the new ABP with you. So, come on in, grab a beer from the fridge, say hello to Samba and, please, make yourself at home.