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Everyone needs access to positive communities. With Activist Mornings, we hope to share ours with you.

This month, A Beautiful Perspective relaunched as a digital magazine tackling a single theme each month. For our first month, we’re exploring the concept of home. Click here to read more stories from the HOME Issue.


In 2005, I was a graduate student in Nashville, Tennessee, working towards my MBA at Vanderbilt University. I was 25 years old, and my focus was similar to others in my class: Get a great job out of school with a reputable company at the highest salary level possible. For two years I worked my ass off, studying, networking, doing informational interviews, visiting companies and planning my future.

It was a few months into the start of grad school when I met Bart Victor, my first-year business ethics professor, who soon became a mentor and friend. We had long, weekly conversations over beers during which I learned about his travels, education, family, his former life in New York City and his current one in Music City. Above all, I learned that Bart had dedicated his research and personal focus to making the world a better place through work in poverty alleviation.

We would spend hours discussing the realities of the world we live in—from extreme poverty in India to the inevitable destruction of our planet. These conversations would ultimately have a profound impact not only on my career, but also on my perspective of the world and the role I needed to play in it.

My career has gone in a number of directions since my graduate school days. I worked for the casino industry, built a train, founded music and food festivals and launched a media company. But the single experience that has impacted me most were those early conversations on how we could leverage our business insights to make a positive impact on the world.

On September 28, A Beautiful Perspective is launching a new live event series in New York City. Activist Mornings is an early-morning concert and speaker series dedicated to celebrating a community of inspired change-makers much like the one I found with my classmates and my mentor years ago. We hope to educate and inspire an audience who, armed with new information and relationships, will head into work each morning ready to make an immediate and lasting impact.

Coordinated with the theme of A Beautiful Perspective’s monthly magazine, each month we will feature a wide range of emerging and celebrity talent at a high-energy, 90-minute show—think music festival meets underground political movement—focused on a single social issue.

For our first event, the theme is IMMIGRANTS: SEARCHING FOR HOME. We’re celebrating immigrant perspectives and exploring ways we can all be a part of relief efforts, both here in the United States and abroad. The first edition of Activist Mornings will feature talks, poems and performances by Rotana, Suhaiymah and Jennifer Mendelsohn. Closing out the program, M.I.A. will discuss her Sundance-award winning documentary, Matangi/Maya/M.I.A., and her life as an immigrant.

Each month we’ll also celebrate non-profit organizations leading the way in their particular areas of focus. This month, we’re welcoming Make the Road NYC as our partner, and donating a portion of each ticket sale to their efforts.

Our mission with this series is to inspire attendees to make social impact efforts part of their day-to-day lives, to ultimately make impact a part of our societal DNA.

Thanks to my mentor and my grad school community, social impact work has been part of my adult life for over a decade and will continue to be the focus of my career moving forward. We at ABP believe everyone needs access to positive communities. With Activist Mornings, we hope to share ours with you.