Photo: Richard Vogel/AP Photo

Will the United States follow Canada’s lead on legal marijuana?

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Last week Canada became the first major world economic power to legalize marijuana, a seminal moment in the worldwide creep toward greater acceptance and decriminalization of the sticky icky.

Meanwhile Jeff Sessions has rescinded Obama-era edicts that mostly left cannabis policy up to the states, setting up future showdowns with places like Oregon, California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington, which are allowing recreational use. Sessions’ position is increasingly looking out of step with the rest  of the U.S. Medical marijuana has widespread support among Americans, and just recently public opinion on the full legalization of marijuana crossed a threshold. That’s probably why the House Appropriations Committee told Sessions that he should leave the states alone on marijuana issues if he wants 2019 funding for the DOJ. Beware the public servant who seeks their own agenda over the will of the people.