Of our five senses, touch may be the most important. Yet we often overlook it.

This month, A Beautiful Perspective is exploring touch in all its forms and contexts. Click here to read more stories from the TOUCH Issue.


Of our five senses, touch may be the most important. It connects us to each other, allows us to use complex tools, can cause brutal pain or immense pleasure. And yet we often overlook touch. In fact, according to Tiffany Field from the University of Miami’s Touch Research Institute, Americans are touching less than ever. (It’s hard when you’ve got a phone in one hand and a cold brew in the other.)

When we first started talking about the theme for our next issue, we kept coming back to the word touch. It seemed overly straightforward at first—hugs, tickles, crisp high-fives. But the more we thought about it, the more its meaning fragmented and swerved, taking us in unexpected directions and connecting diverse conversations. We started seeing touch everywhere—in healing practices and sexual consent, in the way athletes move and chefs cook, in fictional superheroes and real-life role models.

So, today we’re thrilled to present to you A Beautiful Perspective’s TOUCH Issue. In the coming weeks we’re gonna tell you all those stories and more. (And if you saw the word “touch,” and immediately thought of a certain 1980s anthem, we’ve got that covered too.)

Finally, we want to hear from you. Is there a moment when touch—good or bad—impacted your life? Send your story to [email protected], and it could be featured on the website.

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Sarah Feldberg