A Beautiful Perspective combines journalism, storytelling and live experiences to get people informed, inspired and involved in the world around them.


Is it really that simple?
Yeah! Through original reporting and first-person perspectives, we connect our audience to issues that affect their lives and encourage them to think critically and form their own opinions. We reach our audience where they live and play: on social media and at live, one-of-a-kind events where they can join the conversation.

How can I get involved?
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Why would a media company adopt beautiful as a principle?
Because beauty comes in infinite forms and looks strikingly different depending on your perspective. At ABP, we think curiosity is beautiful.


The Team

Rehan Choudhry – Founder + CEO

Sarah Feldberg – Co-founder + Editor-in-Chief

Lea Jonic – Executive Producer Live Events

Kastoory Kazi – Vice President, Marketing

Tovin Lapan – Co-founder + Editorial Director

Serginho Roosblad – Video Producer

Brice Rosenbloom – Director, Talent + Programming

Nicole Rudder – Co-founder, General Manager + Programming Director