We produce live experiences that bring stories to life and connect our community to issues that matter.

Join us in New York or Las Vegas.

Activist Mornings: Immigrants Searching for Home

September 28 // New York City

Activist Mornings is a high-energy concert and impact series connecting change-makers with issues that matter.

Activist Mornings are part community-inspired outreach for social justice, part issue release party for A Beautiful Perspective’s bi-monthly magazine. September is the HOME Issue.

Rise and shine. 

EMERGE Impact + Music

2019 // Las Vegas

Where do we go?

Where can we take risks on music we’ve never heard? Where can we willfully challenge our worldview? Where do we go to imagine a better future and plan our next move?

We looked.

We went to the festivals. We listened to the podcasts. We refreshed our Twitter feeds. Something was missing… a gathering space for people who want to shatter the status quo.

We built Emerge.

A gathering of new music, new ideas and a non-stop celebration of everything that makes you unique. Discover your newest passion, meet your next collaborator, and populate your next year’s playlist.

Join the movement.